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For optimal growth, most businesses need a trusted advisor and advocate to assist with brokering deals and strategic planning. We have extensive experience closing business transactions. Our experience includes working with small start-up financing, negotiating complex multi-million-dollar acquisitions and developing business strategies for emerging technology companies.

We understand that your business is unique and we respect the time, energy, and money you have invested in your idea. We will work hard to help you understand your options as you move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point do I need a formal business structure?

If you are even asking this question, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced business attorney. Whether you’re a freelance designer or you want to start a new business partnership, it’s a good idea to figure out what licenses you might need or paperwork you may need to file before you get started. The specifics depend on the precise nature of your business. We are experienced in creating, amending and dissolving businesses of all types and sizes.

What are articles of incorporation or articles of organization?

The articles of organization and articles of incorporation are similar documents. Corporations use articles of incorporation; Limited Liability companies use articles of organization. These documents provide the government and the public with a variety of basic information about your company that is required for setting up a corporation or a LLC under Kentucky law.

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is a responsible third-party selected by the business to officially receive correspondence from the Secretary of State and other official government bodies, tax forms and notices of lawsuits.

Why should my business have an attorney on retainer?

Business happens quickly. Having an attorney on retainer means you have quick access to someone you had an opportunity to carefully select and who is already familiar with your case. The attorney can assist you in widely varying situations, from employee disputes to contract review and much more. Any business that is too small to have an attorney on staff should consider hiring one on retainer to prevent incurring much larger expenses in the future.

What other services can your firm provide my business?

We can help organize, dissolve, sell or buy a business. We can defend a business being sued, as well as pursue claims on the business’s behalf in state and federal court. We also offer advice about the acquisition of new companies or real property.

How does payment work?

We represent businesses in a variety of fee structures. We are happy to arrange a fee structure that makes sense for the client and the work being proposed.

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