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We are a full service criminal defense firm and routinely handle cases in state and federal court. We handle trial, appeals and expungements. While no attorney can guarantee a specific result in a criminal case, we promise to defend the rights of every client caught in the complex and often frustrating criminal judicial system.

We have experience with a wide array of criminal charges ranging from alcohol charges to murder, including high-profile “not guilty” verdicts. Our federal and state criminal defense practice includes allegations of DUI, narcotics, sexual misconduct and illegal pornography, tax fraud, insurance and Medicaid fraud, domestic violence and juvenile matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I'm arrested?

Any time you speak with the police, you have a right to first consult with an attorney. If you are arrested, then you are being charged with a crime. To avoid unintentionally incriminating yourself, it is almost always best for you to immediately ask for a lawyer and refrain from saying anything else to anyone. All you have to do is tell the officer “I want to speak with my attorney.”

If I am guilty, should I enter a guilty plea?

The best course of action depends on the specifics of your individual case and your criminal history, if any. “Guilty” is a legal determination that you should discuss with your lawyer. A guilty plea can have legal consequences you may not anticipate.

When should I hire a lawyer?

Even if the case seems simple or you think you want to take a plea deal, you’re better off consulting a lawyer first. Lawyers are the experts that can help you understand the consequences of a guilty plea and the likelihood of a successful not guilty argument. A lawyer can also ensure you get the best plea deal possible.

How long do criminal proceedings take?

The length of proceedings depends on many factors including the complexity of the case, the severity of the charge and the court’s schedule. A lawyer can help you avoid unnecessary court appearances, costs and fees.

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